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High Temp Fabric Dyeing Machine

Eco dyeing technology

Rapid High Temperature & Pressure

Full Flow & Lowest Liquor Ratio Fabric Dyeing Machine


Constant Liquid Ratio Control

- Adjusting to a constant liquid ratio at the loading capacity of 80% ~ 100%

-Increasing the stability of the dyeing quality & decreasing the uneven batch dyeing


Unique "V" route Plaiting Device

-Patent design "V" route plaiting device, folding the fabric horizontally in an orderly fashion and continually follows a "V" route path

-Increasing more capacity than traditional one dose (traditional machine only folds the fabric horizontally)

-Fully utilizing the chamber space more and avoiding tangling problem, which provides higher quality and more production capacity.


Low Tension, Full Flow Pipe Saturate Device

-Using overflow nozzle with lowest pressure (Min. 0.2bar)

-Reducing fabric tension, pilling & yarn sliding

-With full flow pipe, it can increasing fabric saturate time for more even coloring and cease free for high quality dyeing

-Multi gap changeable nozzle is suitable for various types of light and heavy fabrics.


Foam Collection & Fast Rinsing System

-Avoiding fabric from float, tangling and foam pollution problems.

- Reducing total cycle time (Min about 5hrs for dark color.) & The energy & the cost if equipped with level rinsing, overflow rinsing with timer or intelligent rinsing (optional extras)


Easy Operation & Fully Auto or Manual Control

-Equipped with motor processor which has fully automatic control system

-Providing auto dosing control which can maintain stable dosing quality

-Reducing total cycle time & enhancing production if equipped with fast filling draining and hot water tank (optional extras)


Advance, Compact Design

-Suitable operation height for operator

-Simple and safer operation

-Saving space

-Low maintenance

-Low energy & cost

-High production


1. High Speed ​​Draining

2. Water in flow meter

3. Hot Water Tank

4. Second Chemical Tank

5. Dual Water In & Out

6. Multi Rate Feefing Device

7.Chemical Tank Mixing Device

8.Swinging Device for Outer Reel

9. Intelligent Rinsing System

10. PH Sensor & Automatic Acid Dosing

11. Proportional Valve for Heating & Cooling